The golf spikes cleaner serves two purposes. First, it is an attention grabbing full color back-lit 18" x 24" mini-billboard that serves as a direct marketing channel to reach the affluent golf community. Second, it is a commercially built and weatherproof golf spike cleaner with powerful spinning nylon brushes that thoroughly remove grass, mud and dirt.

The golf spike cleaner is placed in a high traffic area near the clubhouse or pro shop. The spike cleaning service is complimentary to the golfer. Researchers found it may take up to 2 minutes for a golfer to clean their spikes. It is an excellent advertising channel because you have a captive audience in a relaxed environment. It is likely that a foursome will congregate at the golf spike cleaner before entering the clubhouse. The golf spike cleaner has proven to be a great conversation piece, particularly for first-time users.

Advertising Benefits:

  • Seen
    • Over 9,000 exposures per month at each golf course location
    • Captive audience while they clean their golf shoes
  • Read
    • Takes up to 2 minutes for a golfer to clean their shoes
    • Advertisements are read 98% of the time*
  • Remembered
    • 60% better recall rate than other advertising mediums*
    • 85% recall if the customer is in the market for your product or service*
  • Results
    • Increases action up to 50%, driving more revenue*
    • Extremely affordable full color advertising for less than $0.02 per exposure
    • Saves advertising cost 50-70%

* Source: Barbour & Monroe, Arizona State University/Market Intelligence Media Research